Because five years is so obvious.



Lately I’ve been thinking I should be more interesting. You know, like people who are cool? They always know a lot of stuff, and a lot of people, and a lot of music and crap like that. And they have varied interests, like other than drinking excessively. They’re the kind of people who know how to update their own iPods and don’t make their husbands do it for them because they never wanted to figure out something simple for themselves. And when they update their own iPod, they probably don’t put “Fergalicious” on it (listen, you need something catchy and upbeat when “you’re up in the gym ,just workin’ on your fitness,” okay? Geez).

I’m honestly really lacking in a lot of those things that make people interesting. Like that aforementioned thing about wanting to do more than get boozed up all the time. For example, if I were not married to my live-in iPod updater, and I had to date online or something, my profile would probably be something like the following: I like to eat food, and drink booze. I hate cats. I like dogs. I think dogs are nicer than a lot of people. I like to laugh at funny stuff. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Um. That’s all I guess. I like good things. I hate bad stuff. The End. Oh wait. Also, work sucks. The End, For Reals.

If I were more interesting, I’d list stuff like all cool books I read or this cool British band that I love that no one else had heard of or I’d include some awesome quote about existence and junk. Also, I’d probably wear more hats and live in New York City. Like all the interesting people. Who ride the subway everyday. And have lots of friends. Maybe I'd go to museums or art galleries.

I dunno, though. It’s kind of nice just mentioning a song that you like and finding it on your iPod later. And not having to make fun of art all time.

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Brian said...

Hey -- you just went to the observatory! That's cool!

And I'm delighted to update the ol' ipod. Keeps me feeling useful. :)