Because five years is so obvious.



Last week B and I trekked to the ever-so trendy Downtown Los Angeles for my sister-in-law's new office's open house. And while we were circling endlessly down one-way streets for a place to leave our vehicle, I noticed something: THERE ARE INTERESTING PEOPLE DOWN HERE. LOOK AT THEM ALL! STANDING AROUND! LOOKING AT ART!

I guess revitalization comes complete with fascinating art-lovers.

Art aside, I've always loved the idea of loft living and peering at all these people in their art gallery aquariums really amplified my romantic notions of gritty urban dwelling.

Suddenly, though, I'm not sure about it anymore. See below for the email I sent the following day:

Not sure if you guys know this but there are hideous giant rats on Hill St. I heard it squeak and saw it scurry. Thank God the bums were there to distract me or else I might have lost it.


That night I awoke with a start: rats nightmares. Yeah. Not so sure about that.

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