Because five years is so obvious.


Cruel & Unusual

Don't they say torture doesn't effectively motivate a person to reveal anything? I think they do. But since our President is so keen on torturing people, I have a step-by-step idea for him.

1. Get the terrorists' dental impressions
2. Have them wear bleaching trays twice a day for an hour each time
3. On the sixth day, have the terrorists wear the bleaching trays to bed BECAUSE THE DENTIST SAID THEY COULD WITHOUT ANY ILL CONSEQUENCE
4. The next day ask them anything and they'll tell you whatever you need to know BECAUSE HOLY GOD THE PAIN, THE BLINDING TOOTH PAIN

I don't care what they say, I would tell anyone anything right now. Ow. I think I'm going into shock.

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Brian said...

I'm forward this blog to homeland security. Your country thanks you.